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Ladden & Allen is frequently contacted by the media for commentary or to request bylined articles on matters pertaining to family law and relationships. The list below contains links to some of those articles. If you are a member of the media and want to schedule an interview with Ladden & Allen attorneys, contact Chris Ruys, Chris Ruys Communications, 312-337-7746 or email her at

Ladden & Allen in the News

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin in its October 9 issue shared the news about Michael Levy joining Ladden & Allen as an associate attorney. 

In the September-October issue of Chicago Woman magazine, Gemma Allen writes about how breaking up can wreak havoc with your heart and health.

Out of consideration for children of unmarried couples and the growing percentage of parents who are live together outside of wedlock, the Circuit Court of Cook County's domestic relations division has eliminated a separate parentage court which was held in the basement of the Daley Center rather than upstairs where other divorcing couple's cases are heard. Gemma Allen is quoted in a Chicago Tribune story, noting that Chicago's court system has rightfully changed with the times.

Noted syndicated columnist Terry Savage writes about the high cost of cohabitation and explains why couples who live together need a cohabitation agreement. Click here to read the article, which mentions the book she co-authored with Gemma Allen and retired Judge (now a mediator) Michele Lowrance called "The New Love Deal." She also offers Gemma's tips on how couples who live together can legally protect themselves, should the relationship end. 

For her success as a business owner, volunteer and mentor, Gemma Allen was named a "2017 Enterprising Women of the Year," an awards program often called "the most prestigious global awards program for women entrepreneurs." Click here and visit page 74 to view a summary of Gemma's accomplishments as they appeared in Enterprising Women magazine

Gemma Allen is featured in Chicago Lawyer's "2017 Women in Law" special section.

Prenups used to get a bad rap. Now they're considered smart, according to Gemma Allen, who elaborates on the issue in the April-May issue of Chicago Woman.

In a recent issue of Chicago Business Journal, Gemma Allen charts her career path, the importance of mentoring, and her advice to others on how to succeed in business and life. Gemma has received the organization's 2017 "Women of Influence" award.

Writing in the March 2017 issue of Chicago Woman, Gemma Allen offers some tips on how to have a good divorce.

News about the Ladden & Allen February 25 Think Tank on the "Uses and Misuses of Orders of Protection” was featured in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. For a list of speakers, click here.

In her latest article published in Chicago Woman, Gemma Allen shares tips on how to turn a personal break-up into a gift. — December 2016

Separating the emotional aspects of divorce from the financial realities is so critical. Gemma Allen writes about it in her latest post on Chicago Woman. — August 2016

Britain’s exit from the European Union could have an impact on your finances both as a couple and individually. Gemma Allen explains how in her latest blog post on Chicago Woman. - July 2016

In a Chicago Tribune feature story, Gemma Allen offers practical solutions on getting through a bad break-up. — June 29, 2016

Prenups are about making a love commitment, according to Gemma Allen, who writes about their importance in the June 2016 issue of Chicago Woman. - June 2016

Just in time for June brides and grooms, Gemma Allen discusses the importance of marriage planning along with wedding planning on Fox32’s “Good Day Chicago.” Check it out before walking down the aisle.

The CBA Record published a favorable review in its April-May issue of “The New Love Deal,” a book co-authored by Gemma Allen, Terry Savage and Judge Michele Lowrance (Ret.). - May 2016

In a Q&A feature story in the 2016 SuperLawyers magazine, Gemma Allen discusses creative applications of the law, overcoming sexism and why it’s riskier for clients to dance on tables nowadays. Read it here.

Gemma Allen quoted in a Entrepreneur Article about protecting a business interest in a divorce. How to Keep Your Business Together When Your Marriage Is Coming Apart - January 6, 2016.

Todd Glassman Named an Emerging Family Lawyer in the 2016 Guide to Jewish Living in Chicago

Gemma Allen offers relationship gifts from the heart in FW Chicago -- December 2015

Gemma Allen offers financial tips to unmarried couples who want to live together to readers of Entrepreneur -- November 2015

Gemma Allen and Todd Glassman article on “Social Media and Divorce” published in The Docket, Lake County Bar Association’s monthly magazine. – February 2015

Gemma Allen featured in Fra Noi magazine - January 2015

Ladden & Allen participates in conference on “Business Valuation in Divorce.” - January 2015

Gemma Allen, Judge Michele Lowrance and Terry Savage join WCIU host Jeanne Sparrow, to discuss The New Love Deal, a book that fearlessly explores the financial issues couples confront. Watch the full interview here.

Attorney Gemma Allen talks with WGN Radio’s Bill Moller about the evolving state of marriages, relationships, and divorce, and what legal pitfalls exist for couples today. These topics are explored in depth in the book, The New Love Deal, by Allen and co-authors Terry Savage and Michele Lowrance. Click here to hear the interview.

Gemma Allen joins four other lawyer-authors to offer tips and tricks on making it through the book publishing process. Click here to download the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article.

The most significant issues in divorce are custody, finance and medical related, writes Gemma Allen in the Winter 2014 issue of the American Bar Association’s Family Advocate magazine. In the article, she elaborates on a relatively new trend to use financial consultants, psychiatrists and other experts to help win divorce cases.

Parental Alienation: Defining the term and recognizing the threat (by Gemma Allen) - October 29, 2014, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Magazine review of The New Love Deal. This book is the real deal on love and life, love and the law, and money matters of the heart (Chicago Life) - July 31, 2014.

Gemma Allen quoted in a business article about the high cost of divorce. What happens next in Ken Griffin divorce case (Crain's Chicago Business) - July 28, 2014.

Chicago Divorce Lawyer Gemma Allen Named a 2014 SuperLawyer® - January 23, 2014

Todd Glassman Named a 2013 SuperLawyers® Illinois Rising Star - January 23, 2013

16 years later, think tank series run by divorce lawyers still going strong – September 26, 2013, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

In digital age, anything you do online can and may be used against you (by Gemma Allen) – July 18, 2013, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Modern families will keep lawyers busy for years to come (by Gemma Allen) – March 4, 2013, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Chicago Family Lawyer Gemma B. Allen Named a 2013 SuperLawyer® – January 22, 2013

Todd Glassman Named a 2013 SuperLawyers® Illinois Rising Star – January 25, 2013

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Since 2011, Gemma Allen has been a frequent guest on WGN radio, The Bill Moller Show, where she offers her own brand of relationship and marriage advice to listeners.

Check out our photo album with shots from our Cinco de Mayo open house to celebrate our relocation in 2011 to 150 North Michigan Avenue.

Marriage Money Gems With Gemma Allen

Who better to offer relationship tips than Gemma Allen? That’s what BusinessFirst AM host and producer Angela Miles thought when she invited Gemma to deliver weekly “Marriage Money Gems.” So pour yourself a cup of coffee and watch the show which airs weekday mornings at 5:30 a.m. on PBS20 in Chicago and in dozens of other markets in the U.S. Or, simply check them out on You Tube at


In this segment, Gemma offers tips on how to avoid becoming a victim or perpetrator of financial infidelity.

Watch video


Navigating personal finances is challenging for most couples. In this segment, Gemma discusses how “spenders” and “savers” can live happily ever after.

Watch video


If a pre-nup is in your future, here’s how to pop the pre-nup question.

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For couples getting ready to buy a home, Gemma offers titling tips to help protect your investment.

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In this segment, Gemma offers advice to couples on how to resolve money differences.

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Secrets of Successful Partners Booklet

Twenty happily-married couples reveal their secrets of wedded bliss in Secrets of Successful Partners, a booklet of blogs prepared by Gemma Allen which were originally posted on the Today’s Chicago Woman website. For a free copy, click here.

First Business TV News Interviews

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently signed a bill into law that drastically changes alimony. Angela Miles talks to Family Law Attorney Gemma Allen about the changes. Watch the full interview on YouTube.

Attorney Gemma Allen talks prenups in light of the split between Chicago’s power couple Kenneth Griffin and Anne Dias-Griffin. Click here to watch the full interview on YouTube.

Gemma Allen discusses high net worth divorces on First Business. Click here to watch the full interview on YouTube.

Gemma Allen joins Angela Miles to discuss The New Love Deal: Everything You Must Know Before Marrying, Moving In or Moving On which gives financial advice for all kinds of couples. Watch the full interview here.

Family law attorney Gemma Allen discusses the “spurned lover” scandal involving Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling on First Business News. Watch it here!

Divorce is on the rise as the economy improves. What gives? Gemma Allen explains why on First Business News.

Family law attorney Gemma Allen discusses how speaking out on social media can affect relationships. Watch it on First Business News.

Do you need a pre-nup or post-nuptial agreement? Family law attorney Gemma Allen discusses this hot topic with Bill Moller on First Business News. Watch it here!

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Articles written by Gemma Allen which appeared in Today's Chicago Woman

Friendly vs. Fierce, How you divorce will impact the rest of your life - October 2013

An Update on Prenuptial Agreements - June 2013

The New Law of Love (Civil Unions) - January 2012

Love in the time of Financial Chaos - July 2009

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Marriage Money Gems With Gemma Allen

March 20, 2017

Too often professional athletes are accused, fairly or unfairly, of wrongful behavior off the field. What we don't hear about often enough are the really good deeds that athletes perform.

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Who better to offer relationship tips than Gemma Allen? That’s what BusinessFirst AM host and producer Angela Miles thought when she invited Gemma to deliver weekly “Marriage Money Gems.” So pour yourself a cup of coffee and watch the show which airs weekday mornings at 5:30 a.m. on PBS20 in Chicago and in dozens of other markets in the U.S. Or, simply check them out on YouTube at

June 12, 2017

Gemma shares the secrets of how married couples can successfully travel together on a business trip.  

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June 7, 2017

Money really matters in a relationship, yet it’s difficult for couples to talk about. Gemma explains why communication is key.

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November 30, 2016

Gemma explains the reasons why divorce is generally harder on women than men.

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Digital privacy clauses may be on the rise. Some celebrities already put them in their pre-nups to protect themselves if they should divorce.

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